Agency Types

What are the different types of agency listings?

Agency Types

  • General Agency
  • Sole or Exclusive Agency
  • Sale by Auction

General Agency

Is an arrangement to sell your property with usually two or more Real Estate agents. The perceived advantage is of an extended buyer pool and an opportunity to sell privately.

It is likely however, your property will not receive the marketing exposure, or focus it needs, by anyone of the agencies involved on account of the fact that at any point in time the property might be sold by another agency, or in fact by yourself.



Sole or Exclusive Agency

An exclusive contract with a single Real Estate agent for a specific period to market and sell your property on your behalf. Under a sole agency the agent is obligated to expose your apartment to the company’s collective sales force, extensive buyer pool, and extended media reach. A Sole Agency with City Sales receives the intense attention of Management, the entire Sales staff and the backup of a professional administrative support Team.

Sale by Auction

Sale by Auction is the most aggressive way to position your investment. City Sales has developed a particular style of apartment auction which colleague agents have generously described as “the best show in town”. Auctions are performed in our own spacious Auction Rooms on the 1st Floor of City Sales House on Karangahape Rd where the hustle and bustle generated on Auction Day tends to calm those frayed nerves evident in a sterile auction room.

The “busy” Auction Day environment promotes confidence from potential purchasers who may otherwise be reluctant to act. Bidding by phone is acceptable and welcomed by interested parties who cannot attend. It is not unusual for a property to be sold at Auction by an absent Vendor to an absent Buyer.