Dina BW

Dina Saunders

Apartment Broker

P. 09 3030 601

M. 021 022 67622

E. dinas@citysales.co.nz

Dina Saunders

Dina is a passionate, enthusiastic and hardworking agent with a get it done attitude. She can relate to clients of many backgrounds as she has worked in a variety of fields and lived in many countries. Prior to entering the Real estate market, Dina was an exam supervisor, this allowed her to effortlessly learn the needs of students from mixed nationalities. Dina also learned how to anticipate her clients' concerns successfully and efficiently. Dina is always very excited to assist all of her clients, and looks forward to making meaningful and significant contributions to her workplace. By the virtue of selflessness and diligence, Dina seeks out the best for her clients.