Parkside Serenity

22 Fleet Street

Bedrooms 2
Bathrooms 2
Parking 1


ID #19878248

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SOL Residences

Just thirty three boutique apartments nestle in this contemporary one year old bespoke concrete and cedar masterpiece created by JCY Architects.

Offering sensational north facing living overlooking the green space of Basque park, SOL (from the Spanish word Sun) residents enjoy a peaceful location close to neighbouring Mt Eden, Kingsland, Newmarket and the CBD.

Accessed directly from the striking glass atrium walkway, apartment 3C sits in a prime position directly facing the park, enjoying amazing natural light through floor to ceiling double glazing with a 2.7m stud height.

Showcasing two bedrooms, separate study and two bathrooms (one master ensuite), both featuring underfloor heating, the owner has also installed wooden flooring and bespoke lighting to enhance the dramatic ambience of the living space.

High end appliances complete the upscale white kitchen with ample storage.

The cherry on top is all luxe furnishings the owner has specifically sourced will stay in residence.

Combine high owner occupancy, essential car park, security, a large private terrace, and the happy fact you can bring your small fur babies with you and the masterpiece is complete.

This dream can come true - turn SOL into SOLD.

Vendor relocating overseas and committed to a sale.

Please call me to arrange a private viewing of the apartment.

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