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30 Mar 16

5 steps to selecting the right agent to sell your property


If you’ve sold a property before, you’ll know that the hard work isn’t finding an agent – it’s finding the right agent to sell your property.

The right agent for your sale will depend on what you are selling. And there are a lot of different agencies and agents, each with different ways of working and fee structures available to you.

1. Define what you are selling

Selling an Auckland apartment is a more complex procedure than the sale of a residential home. Apartments fall under the Unit Titles Act, which has many layers of compliance and disclosure. Legal implications of any errors regarding compliance (including things like pre contract disclosure statements, Body Corporate, AGMs, EGMs, pre settlement disclosure any many more) open the vendor to lengthy and costly legal complications. If you are selling a unit (apartment, unit or townhouse) you must use a Unit Titles specialist.

2. Identify any complexities

Is your apartment leasehold? Has your building had remedial issues? Is there a management lease? Hotel pool? These kinds of sales are above and beyond the regular residential sale and so should you own a unit which is trickier than normal, look for an agent who has experience in this type of sale.

3. Consider who will purchase your property

You may need guidance on this, and your property may well appeal to more than one audience. Some properties, especially apartments, will appeal to more of an investor client base and some will appeal to owner occupiers. You’ll want to employ the services of an agency who has proven they have the right buyers for your property. A good indication of this is how long have they been operating and how well is their brand known in this market. Ask your agent for information regarding their pool of buyers.

4. Ensure the agent you select is genuine, qualified and licensed

This may sound like an obvious point, but failure to do so leaves you open to serious complications. To check this, ask your agent for a sales record, either from themselves or from their office. Ensure they are licensed by looking for the words ‘Licensed Real Estate Agent’ or similar either on or near their logo.

5. Select the agent who is working in your best interest

By default, an agent will usually assume your best interest is achieving the highest sale price – and they are usually right. If you are looking for the highest sale price then ask for evidence of prices achieved. Sometimes however the motivation for selling may be different and so the circumstances and method of sale should be adapted to cater for this. Your agent should understand your position and you should feel comfortable to disclose your position to them. The right real estate agent will be working in your best interest.

To see what clients have said about their experience selling with City Sales, see genuine testimonials at the bottom of this page.

By City Sales

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