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08 Dec 15

A career in Real Estate

"A career in Real Estate invariably begins by chance - an unexpected call from a friend, a chance meeting, or sometimes through financial desperation. Being a Real Estate Agent is a dream career with multi millionaire status inevitable if you have the wherewithall"

This extract has been taken from the REALTOR BIBLE, written by myself a few years ago to explore and explain what I regard as an honourable profession.

We treat those new to the industry very carefully at City Sales. And I do say carefully, not preciously. It is not fair to lead on someone who doesn't have what it takes in Real Estate as they'll just get further and further behind.

Rather than patronising new recruits, we put them through a very intense training programme and arm them with an experienced mentor. It's this carefully constructed induction method which sees our agents take flight incredibly quickly.

Should you, or someone you know be interested in a career in Real Estate, the Auckland apartment market is a fantastic niche to get involved in.

Take a quick look at our Careers page and then get in touch with us on

Hope to see you around the office sometime.




By Martin Dunn

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