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14 Jan 16

A prediction

Are all the ducks  in a row?

Even the negative nz herald seems to think so judging by its latest editorials!

So this year is the year you are going to take advantage and act.

A prediction:

With the world-wide United Nations (yes Helen Clark) lobbying of forcing sovereign countries to 'diversify' by taking in more and more immigrants, New Zealand is going to come under increasing pressure to open its borders further.

If you think a nett growth of 60,000 is unprecedented… (it is)... we say “you ain’t seen nothing yet”.

Whether you like it or not.

What does this mean for you and me?

A lot of good things in fact.

The confidence to pour money into infrastructure... like rail to the airport, definitely the second runway, extensions to Wellington’s airport, the inner city loop, maybe trams.

The antics of the Reserve Bank’s lapdogs (they’re called 'economists'  -  and they have their own agenda) – dismissing Auckland’s wealth as a housing ‘bubble' was always dishonest and contrived.

It never was and is not a 'bubble'... and again... ”you ain’t seen nothing yet”.

But you have to act.

Or, better still, because with a busy medical/legal/accounting practice or business to run you can’t possibly know where or what to buy, attend open homes, deal with agents or worse still, bid at auctions.

So let us do it for you.

We know the houses and apartments to buy, the neighbourhoods to most benefit from infrastructure/culture change, the top agents to deal with across auckland and we act for you as a licensed real estate agent under the Eeal Estate Agents Act 2008.

Yes trust accounts, auditors…..and of course…!

Call Scott at City Sales Investment 3030-601 to be invited to our next free presentation on what to do, where we do it and why... and our 'macro view' of Auckland Residential Real Estate.

Time to act.

By Martin Dunn

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