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18 Mar 16

Benefits of selling by auction


Those looking to sell their Auckland apartment are faced with a barrage of questions and decisions, a major one being which method of sale to proceed with.

Methods of sale should be discussed with your real estate agent, here we look at the advantages of sale by auction.

Why auction?

In a market where buyers are spoilt for choice, decision making is often confused and delayed. The Auction process introduces an element of urgency and provides your property with a point of difference.

  • Robust marketing exposure is short, sharp and intense rather than prolonged
  • Shortened period of viewings encourages tenants to be more generous in terms of access to the apartment
  • Competing properties (both similar and within the same building) are often frozen until after the auction of your apartment
  • Buyer interest is focused over the short marketing period
  • Competitive bidding gives apartment owners the confidence that the best price was achieved
  • The sale is unconditional

If you'd like to discuss if sale by auction is appropriate for your own apartment, ask any one of our apartment brokers for advice or email 

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