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18 Nov 15

City Sales Investment - client case studies

case 1

Over the past 12 months we've helped dozens of clients invest in the Auckland housing market. Clients come from all over New Zealand and have varied backgrounds and motives, but all use our services because they're short on either time or expertise regarding Auckland residential and housing investment.

Here are a few case studies below, all based on actual CSI clients.


“As a commercial pilot, I’m based in Auckland but I’m also usually off to Asia or the States a couple of times per month.

Being away from my wife and kids is hard on all of us, so when I’m home I try to spend as much time with them as possible. I’d had a couple of apartments in Auckland already and they were producing a pretty reasonable yield, I have them managed for me as I just couldn’t keep up with the management demands with my schedule. After speaking with a couple of colleagues they got me into investing for capital gain, and after a bit of discussion it started to sound like the best way to provide for my kids, so I got in touch with Martin. I’ve worked with City Sales before and have often heard about Martin in newspapers and on the radio, so I knew I had come to the right person. After meeting Martin and running through what they were offering to do for me I commissioned them as my Buyer’s Agent and they immediately started sending me properties to look at. Of the six properties they sent me, I gave them the green light on two, but advised I’d be flying for the next couple of days and so would be hard to contact. Martin told me it was no trouble and after agreeing on a purchase price limit I gave him the go ahead to purchase on my behalf at auction. I touched down in Auckland a few days later and Martin had the keys all ready to go. Seven days later I had tenant. I didn’t even need to spend any cash. I’m now the proud owner of a three bedroom house in Te Atatu, which my Property Manager has put a lovely family into. I’m looking forward to the infrastructure upgrades which Martin told me about and what they’re going to do to the value of my new house.”


“My father left me a little bit of money to help set the kids up and cover the cost of their education. We hear about Auckland house prices every day, even in Nelson!

So after hearing an ad on the radio I called up City Sales Investment, just to find out a bit more about what they do. I ended up giving a few details so that they could run some numbers for me and was told they’d come right back to me. Martin called me two days later with his recommendation, and as I am a home owner already, the plan didn’t really take much work from me at all. I sent it to my lawyer to get his ok and got straight back to Martin to give him the go ahead. It took two weeks for them to find the kind of property we had agreed on and another six days to finalise the sale. I was so relieved to have someone negotiate the sale for me, it’s not something I look forward to doing myself, especially when it’s an area I’m not familiar with. It’s hard for me to gauge what it should sell for so it has been extremely valuable to have someone to act on my behalf. My investment is tracking nicely and my City Sales Property Manager is in touch with me regularly to give me updates on the property. I still can’t believe I did all this without even leaving Nelson! I’m catching up with Martin again at the end of this year to discuss my next investment property.”


“We’re originally from England but we’ve lived in Auckland for a few years now. We’ve been looking to purchase a house, not as an investment, but as a family home.

Well, we’ve been looking for almost two years now and we’ve not come any closer to being home owners. It has been a real struggle, open home after open home. It was really starting to take its strain on everything. The trouble with finding your dream home is that it’s sometimes hard to describe exactly what you’re looking for. We had our own ideas of what we wanted and took two properties to Martin who immediately turned them down. He said that one was going to leak and one had a motorway expansion planned very near to it. Our hearts sank as we were back to square one. We were told not to worry as we’d have some recommendations through shortly. Within a week we had some recommended properties sent through to us and we asked for more information on a couple. They went and did some inspections, one was dismissed as they identified some remedial work would need to be done but the other looked promising. The house was scheduled for auction, we agreed with Martin on a price, which took some guidance from him. We attended the auction, it was so nerve racking and we weren’t even the ones bidding. Martin bid expertly on our behalf and on the fall of the hammer we knew that we were now owners of our dream home. CSI didn’t stop there. For the next 7 working days they liaised with our lawyers to ensure all reporting and inspections were carried out sufficiently and then helped us with the settlement process. If we hadn’t been in touch with CSI we’d no doubt still be renting today.”

By Martin Dunn

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