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08 Mar 15

Does the housing market 'pull' the apartment market?

Sunday Star Times 22.03.15

I often ask people if there is a relationship between a house in Epsom and an apartment in the City.

Invariably the answer is 'no' but the reality is 'yes'.

Have a look at our unique and unprecedented  CITY SALES APARTMENT REPORT on my homepage and you’ll see for the first time in six years we have achieved over $6,000m2 for existing apartment sales for three months in a row.

This is because owner-occupiers, frustrated at what they must pay for a pretty ordinary house in say Mangere  ($600,000 believe it or not and climbing), are now jumping at something pretty smart in the CBD for $500,000 and walking to work.

Five years ago they never considered apartment living.

And this pressure is 'pulling' apartment prices.

My favourite saying these days is: 'Auckland has a problem and it’s a good problem to have. One hundred new Aucklanders EVERY DAY and in my strong opinion it’s only going to strengthen'.

So get going and call the experts (for nearly 18 years now).

With a reputation to boot and a household name.

In fact call me directly and I’ll oversee exactly what we should be doing and appoint the right Agent to look after you.

And you already know my second saying……..'You gotta act'….excuse grammar.

Call us.

Autumn, the loveliest season of the year.

By Martin Dunn

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