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04 Oct 15

LISTEN, if you want to sell.

September for City Sales was a near record month - but I knew the frenzy was about to stop and it has.

In the fact the lights went out 1 October.

No, it’s not the end of the world and at City Sales, after nearly 19 years of success with Auckland apartments, we’re actually used to it.

We’ve had the Asian Crisis (1997), Year 2K (guess) when all the computers were not going to roll and planes would fall out of the sky, the Global Financial Crisis 2007………

We’ve had the P.I.G.S. and the B.R.I.C.s……..and their standoffs and threats.

And at City Sales we have what many colleagues don’t: Cool heads and constant surveillance of the apartment market and the news.

Right now we’re at the very predictable end of a big cycle….because nothing goes on forever.

No it wasn’t the bleating of the Reserve Bank Governor , the Bright Line tax law or the registering of investors.

It was the end of a cycle.

If you want to sell in Auckland right now you need to listen.

And you can listen to all the gloating doomsayers or you can listen to us.

Listen to us ……….but you need to call.

Don’t panic.

By Martin Dunn

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