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01 May 14

It's bad over there

Just had my annual boy’s weekend in Noosa with old (getting really old) school mates and wow…we’re the lucky country right now so take advantage and enjoy it.

It’s still unprecedented times and Bill English’s Budget last week couldn’t be more different to Hockey’s in Australia.

And unlike New Zealanders, Australians aren’t used to hard times.

The bleating is like the first shear of the lambs.

And one of my old (er) mates who is a professional investor says it’ll take 60 months for Australia to recover from the Krudd (and his backstabber Gillard).
$40b up to $400b in the red in a few short years says to me they should both be breaking rocks.

The great news is Auckland is forecast to keep growing strongly and we are in expert fiscal hands.

Most popular Prime Minister in my lifetime.

Opportunities like I’ve never seen in Auckland in 40 years in business.

And we’ve got something big coming up.

Stay tuned.

By Martin Dunn

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