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01 Jan 14

Late, but worth the wait?

Forty years in business and I haven’t seen things like they are right now.

A birthright of New Zealanders is the propensity to worry, like we’re way down here at the bottom of the world (I’m with you…………great) and no matter how good things feel, some bastard’s gonna come along and stuff it up.

But………..have you been reading the economists over the holidays?

The PIGS have survived and we’re not going to see another default meltdown in Europe and …….the biggest punt of the century, the greatest financial  bluff ever seen……..Quantitative Easing……….(printing the stuff, trillions of it)………..has worked.

Europe’s squeezed through, the U.S. has printed their way through and little New Zealand is being lauded internationally as the one country that has survived the Global Financial Crisis intact and now showing strong signs of a period of prolonged prosperity not seen in a baby-boomer’s lifetime.

What’s a poor boy to do?

Sustainable (oh I hate that word) and record dairy, meat and timber production, the excitement of an immigration turnaround, continued liquidity with modest interest rates, low unemployment…………….OK, there’s got to be something.


58,000 people got busted over the New Year period for breaking the police 4km speeding buffer!


That’s not enough.

OK, an All Black poured beer down his mate’s throat and his selfie got viralled!


Oh yeah, Dotcom’s starting a political party and it’s going to encourage voters to get really fat.


Oh my God what a disaster.

Yeah…………....actually things are really good.

Buy something.

By Martin Dunn

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