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01 Nov 14

One helluva ride


Readers may have noticed a few changes to the City Sales brand recently.

There’s the obvious launch of City Sales Investment which begins touring NZ later this month. There’s our refreshed logo which is making its way to the façade of our K Road office in a few days. A state-of-the-art new website rolling out from next week and a host of other unique and sometimes quirky marketing initiatives kicking into gear, all exclusive to City Sales.

As we roll out this fresh new thinking, we’re seeing a direct correlation in our market share – and it has become apparent (very quickly) that we’re needing talented new sales people to cope with the demand that we are creating.

Though we love to hear from experienced agents, it’s fairly widely accepted in the industry that City Sales training is the best you can get - so we consider applications from those new to the industry also.

I sat down with my executive team earlier in the week to run through a couple of the points which we believe to be reasons why agents should apply with City Sales. When we stood back and looked at the list we came up with, well… I’ll let you take a look at some of them and decide for yourself.

Here’s our Top Five, for the full list you’ll need to speak to Pauline -

1. Independence
We’ve been independent for 17 years, which means we’re nimble, we’re quick and we don’t answer to a head office or shareholders. It also means we can be a little bit quirky when we want to be.

2. Training, Development & Support
We wrote the book on training and development (The Realtor Bible), you’ll be guided through an intensive four week induction program and it doesn’t stop there. You’ll receive 7 day a week, around the clock management support – whatever you need, when you need it.

3. Comprehensive Owner Database
Constantly updated owner details freely available at all times from wherever you are and featuring advance technology to assist you to manage, list, sell and match buyers with suitable properties.

4. Lead Generation
Transparently allocated, no favourites, no secrets, just fair allocation of leads generated by the company for you.

5. Compliance
With a dedicated compliance manager, you’ll never put a foot wrong – we’ll make sure your I’s are dotted and your T’s crossed so you are protected at all times. Our apartment brokers are making well into 6 figures. If they’re not, there’s a problem and our management team will step in to diagnose, assess and solve the problem.

Hey, they even get to throw questions at me any time they like – and I know a thing or two about apartments.

If you’re looking for a change, now is a hugely exciting time to jump on board. A career at City Sales is one helluva ride – you’ll be glad you did it.

By Martin Dunn

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