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15 Jan 15

Top tips for apartment renters!

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New to apartment living?

Here are our top tips for the thousands who are about to descend on Auckland’s apartment rental market.

Each year at about this time we hear from thousands of about-to-be Auckland apartment dwellers who are looking for the perfect city pad to call home as they move to the big smoke to study or work.

At this particularly busy time of year, the apartment market can become competitive. We’ve laid out our top tips for finding an apartment to rent in this busy market.

  1. Fill out your application before viewing
    If you think this one is the one for you, fill out your application in full before attending the viewing. This way you can leave it with the owner or agent straight away, making you the first and the most organised applicant! Take along a copy of your ID and ensure you’ve answered each question in the application in full.
  2. Dress up
    The person showing you the apartment isn’t just looking for someone who will pay the rent on time, they’re looking for someone who will care for the property and treat it like their own home. Making sure you’re well-presented will help to communicate that you are the perfect tenant.
  3. Who pays for what?
    Make sure you find out what the owner will pay for and what you will pay for. Sometimes there are special circumstances. For example, if there is no water meter for your apartment you may not need to pay for water. Your letting agent will have all the answers here.
  4. References
    These are checked thoroughly so make sure you have references from people you have rented from beforehand. If you’re new to renting, no problem – ask an employer or tutor to write you a character reference. If you’re perhaps from another country and/or there’s nothing you can use, just write a note clearly explaining the situation and attach it in place of the references.
  5. Read minds (or talk to your letting agent!)
    Try to find out what the owner of the apartment is looking for. Some may not mind a lower rent if they can have a longer fixed term of rent. The more you can match their idea of the perfect tenant, the better your chances of getting the apartment you’re looking for.

Ready to find your new apartment? Take a look at what we have and book yourself in for a viewing!

By Shelley Dunn

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