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26 Jan 17

Welcome to 2017!

With philosophical torment raging across the free world we couldn’t be more positive about New Zealand and particularly Auckland and where we are right now.

For the offshore followers there’s renewed agitation about our inner-city areas of part stormwater part sewage, century old drains overflowing into areas of the Harbour.

Good or bad?


We’ve got a new Mayor, citizens are aware of how special our place in the world is and………from what we’re reading out of the States, so do a lot of foreigners.

We have growth we can’t keep up with.

We have awareness.

In my opinion we’re soon to be more expensive than Sydney/Melbourne

Great again!!!

You just have to engage.

A City Sales broker is the most informed broker you will find buying or selling.

This year let’s make a resolve: DO SOMETHING.

It’s easy when you’re in the right company.

Best for a wonderful year ahead.



By Martin Dunn

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