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01 Jul 14

What makes a great Realtor?

I am often asked…and people always wonder: What makes a great realtor?

The process of sourcing listings,  finding the right buyer and then being able to knit two unknown parties together in a transaction passing hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, is so inexact that logical people despair of it very quickly.

And so, the considerable turnover of staff you all see in your local real estate offices.

To make it more illogical I spend serious time trying to convince new staff that the concept of ‘selling’ real estate to someone is slightly insulting to both parties. It implies that the salesperson is manipulative and the buyer is vulnerable and we all know neither is (or should be) the case.

It’s why I term staff ‘brokers’ as our approach is quite different.

But to make it more interesting/confusing is sentiment surrounding our profession and the increasing attacks on it.

Recently the real estate agents authority ruled that Barfoot & Thompson unduly pressured a vendor during an auction and fined them.

Thankfully they are big and proud enough to appeal.

The latest is the REAA’s decision that an agent should have disclosed a tragic death had occurred in a property… should you as a vendor suffer financially because something totally out of your hands and not affecting the real estate has occurred? No, there is no law requiring this.

And the point of all this?

If you want to know what it’s all about click back to the front page and order a copy of ‘Realtor Bible’… then call me.

It’s actually the ride of your life and an extraordinary opportunity but……… can’t be logical.

By Martin Dunn

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