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04 Nov 15

What's in it for me?

A curious factor in the real estate market – it has fascinated me for 30 years – is that when the market turns it does so immediately, literally overnight.

This happened in late September when, in one day, the lights went out.

It had to happen – we had experienced a bull run for eight years – but Aucklanders will take a little time to adjust.

How can we help?

Vendors are now going to have to focus a little more on real marketing to keep their interests in front of the pack so, to play our part, every new listing will now be 'feature-listed' on TradeMe, compliments of City Sales.

And our presence as a household name in Auckland will come to the fore in getting the confidence and attention you deserve to get that suite sold. Now.

It’s not a quantum change but it IS a shift and there is now greater effort and creativity needed to secure that price.

City Sales staff are the most highly informed agents you will find.

Every article/news brief pertaining to your market is circulated and its possible impact studied. Our staff read what your buyers read... and can answer their objections or queries.

It’s a good time for a very focussed specialist and we’d LOVE to work for you.

Best for November and call me personally any time,

By Martin Dunn

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