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15 Aug 15

Winter Maintenance Tips for Auckland Property Managers

When the temperatures drop, Auckland property managers need to pay special attention to their rental properties. Your tenants expect your property to be outfitted to handle whatever weather winter has in store. As part of your property management in NZ, follow these tips to ensure your buildings are ready.


According to the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority, as many as 600,000 homes in New Zealand have insufficient insulation under the floor or in the ceiling. Over time, insulation can move and become less efficient. Auckland property managers should check the insulation in each of their rental properties annually to ensure proper coverage and replace any insulation that shows signs of wear.


Plumbing is at an increased risk for damage when temperatures plummet. Before the winter weather arrives, check the plumbing for any leaks that could cause pipes to freeze and increase in size. Proper insulation is also essential to protect plumbing from freezing. Cleaning gutters and making sure the water is routed away from the building will also reduce the risk of water leaking into the home or ice developing in walkways and driveways.

Pest and Insect Control

As the temperatures go down outside, pests and insects look for a warm place to spend the winter months. If your property commonly experiences pest problems, consider hiring a pest control service on a contract basis. This means they will always be available when you need assistance to keep your properties pest-free.  However, keep in mind tenant cleanliness plays a role in pest infestations. Talk to your renters about what they can do to reduce these issues.

Heating System

Tenants living in rental properties in Auckland expect an operational heating system to keep their home warm. As part of your property management in NZ, make sure you regularly test the heating system, even in the warmer months of the year, to ensure it will work when your tenants need it. Contract with a heating and cooling company for regular inspections and repairs.

Watch the Weather

Most importantly, watch the weather throughout the winter closely. If a major storm passes through, visit your rental properties as soon as possible to inspect for damages. Your tenants should also report any damage, but it’s important to check for yourself. This will ensure any necessary repairs can be completed in a timely manner, keeping your tenants safe and happy.

Auckland property managers have a legal responsibility to ensure their rental properties are safe for tenants throughout the year. The harsh winter weather can cause damage and make it difficult to keep renters comfortable. However, when you follow these tips, you will eliminate many weather-related problems and ensure an inhabitable living environment.

If you’re looking for help with your property management in NZ, contact us. Our agency provides expert consultation so you can give your tenants the best housing.

By Shelly Dunn

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