Jenny Daniels

Head of Property Management

P. 09 3030 601

M. 027 430 9419

E. jennyd@citysales.co.nz

Jenny Daniels

Managing property on a daily basis is challenging. It calls for a certain kind of person; someone who can wear many hats at the same time, someone who is empathetic to peoples’ needs on both sides of the property equation, someone with a vast amount of experience in handling any kind of issue thrown at them, someone who can react quickly, efficiently to those issues in the best interests of her clients. Jenny Daniels is that person.

Raised by her grandparents on a farm near Warkworth, Jenny is proud of her traditional upbringing and the ‘old school’ values and work ethic she acquired during that time. She is an incredibly loyal person, who genuinely likes working with her tenants, making sure they are settled and happy, and at the same time ensuring that her clients’ biggest assets are looked after and maintained to the highest of standards.

When you sign up with Jenny, you don’t just get Jenny, you get a vast team of experienced tradespeople and industry professionals that have been hand-picked and vetted; people you can trust to look after her clients’ properties and ensure they’re kept in tip-top condition. When something needs doing, you can be assured it will get done quickly and efficiently and to the very best standard.

In property management, things can change in a heartbeat, and Jenny is well experienced at handling anything that comes her way. During her many years as a property manager, she has come across and dealt with pretty much every situation a property manager has had to face; making her the kind of person you absolutely want at the wheel, when it comes to looking after your most precious assets.

From single apartments to large investment portfolios, wherever your property is in Auckland, you can be assured it will be in great hands with Jenny Daniels.