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Stephanie Hill

Senior Property Manager

P. (09) 3030 601

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Stephanie Hill

Stephanie Hill has a background in social development and has diplomas in Social Work and Conflict Management & Disputes Resolution. Steph first became interested in property whilst working for Housing New Zealand where she was part of a project team tasked with designing and building a major development of townhouses in Auckland’s Freeman’s Bay. Steph joined City Sales as their first Property Manager and continues to enjoy what is a varied and challenging environment. Steph is a property investor herself and together with her partner, manages a sizeable portfolio of her own.

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We are lucky with our tenants but even more our Agent

JA Owner

"I just wanted to thank you for looking after everything so efficiently. Especially as i was overseas it was always good to know the apartment was in good hands."

J.G. (Landlord)

"I can not emphasise enough how much we have appreciated the work that you have done managing the property."

B.D. (Landlord)

"Thank you for the excellent job you have done for me managing the apartment I hope the new owner keeps you on"

J. L. (Landlord)

"I would like to take this opportunity to say how impressed I have been with the efficient, courteous, friendly and reliable service I received from you over the past 10 years."

J.O. (Landlord)

"Hi Stephanie, I would like to thank you for the magnificent condition you returned [our property], I am just delighted. The girls will be following me back to NZ next week, will be nice to have you drop by when we are settled."

I.T. (Owner)

"You've been the best rental agent there could be"

H.O. (Owner)

"BLESSINGS and THANK YOU Stephanie, you have been very kind and are a very cool woman"

M.N. (Landlord)

Hi Stephanie. Thanks for your care and support for the past 6and half years. Best of luck for your future.

S.K. (Tenant)

"Stephanie. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful property manager all these years and for making life easy for me."

S.P. (Owner)

"Stephanie, you do such a great job of staying in touch and keeping me up to date with everything, I really appreciate it.”

J.G. (Landlord)

"Steph, we love dealing with you. Your up front, no nonsense approach professional approach is very much appreciated."

P.S. (Tenant)

"Thanks Steph. City Sales has sole agency because of you. You have been truly wonderful to us."

J.W. (Landlord)

"Stephanie, you made my life bearable; I can’t tell you how wonderful you have been.  And I can never thank you enough"

S.D. (Landlord)

"Thank you so much for all your hard work for 2019. As always, I could count on your splendid work for any issues occurred. I am terrible at sending people greetings so that I normally do not send any. But this year, I took my opportunity to thank you for you being my agent for all these year."

K.E. (Landlord)

"I cannot thank you enough for your hard work and professionalism over the last few years."

A.W. (Landlord)

"I really enjoyed working with you on the management of the apartment. I take this opportunity to put on record my acknowledgment and appreciation for your professional and hassle-free management of the property."

J.A. (Landlord)

"We asked 4 agents for a proposal and a key reason we selected City Sales was because of the first class  service you gave us."

G.W. (Landlord)

"Thank you for everything. Your management has been exemplary and a you are a credit to your company City Sales.  I have particularly loved the professional way in which you have handled all situations on my behalf, which has been important for me."

A.J. (Owner)

"It really has been a pleasure to have you as our rental agent and should my son decide to move on to work somewhere else someday, we will definitely engage you to look after our apartment again."

W.C. (Landlord)

"Hi Stephanie, I am impressed with your professionalism in handling our properties!"

E.K. (Landlord)

“THANK YOU for being such a wonderful Property Manager!! I have enjoyed living there, even though I feel like I spend more time at work than at home!! THANK YOU for everything!!”

M.N. (Tenant)

“Thank you Stephanie for your care, expertise and professionalism over the past years. It has been a pleasure.”

D.T. (Landlord)

"Stephanie, thank you for being a great Property Manager, much appreciated!"

T.M. (Tenant)

"Dear Stephanie, you did it very well. I would like to say thanks a lot for your help again."

M.C. (Landlord)

"Stephanie, I wish to take this opportunity to express my thanks for the consistent excellent service and assistance you have provided me since 2009."

J.O. (Owner)

"Must say though that you have been an absolutely wonderful help throughout, and we were so lucky to have the best Property Manager that we could have wished for. Many thanks for the many times you have helped us, too many times to count over the nine years of ownership!"

S & F (Landlords)

“Steph, you are WONDERFUL!”

H.F. (Landlord)