Keith BW

Keith Deyner

Head of Property Management

P. 09 3030 601

M. 027 430 9419


Keith Deyner

Keith runs the Property Management division at City Sales. Keith is also a licensed broker.

He has been involved with Property Management for the last six years and strives to get the best results for both his owners and tenants. Having also been involved quite extensively with property development, Keith has a very good understanding of the maintenance issues and upkeep which he uses to safeguard his clients' investments. He is very much a people person and has a great sense of humour, this goes a long way to help defuse any situation and assist in finding the best solution.

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Please pass on my best wishes to Keith Denyer. He was everything I could've asked for with a letting agent.  It was probably the most stressful time of my life due to the leaky building and earthquake issues that almost caused me to lose my life-savings. His empathy and sense of humor were just what I needed.

D.M (Owner)

"We have been very happy with the City of Sales professional communication and under difficult circumstances there has been a good outcome. Keith, we couldn't have asked for a better agent."

H.H. (Owner)

"A great outcome - very well done.  Heartfelt thanks for all you did to progress this to such a perfect resolution"

A.J. (Landlord)