Susan Xiao

Susan has been living in Auckland for over 12 years since she migrated from China. Prior to joining City Sales, Susan worked successfully as a business broker in New Zealand. She has demonstrated excellent interpersonal, intercultural and customer service skills as well as professional knowledge & experience of marketing analysis during her career. She is very proud that the quality of the deals she brokered and her numerous successes as a business broker.

Back in China Susan was an associate professor and had a successful career as a journalist in a satellite television channel. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts in China, and her continued study gained her a Bachelor of Business majoring in Accounting from Auckland University of Technology (AUT).  

Susan’s successful career as a journalist in China and as a business broker in New Zealand have accumulated her an enormous, high quality,  high value customer database allowing her to assist multiple customer requirements and satisfy multiple roles within the industry.

As a successful real estate agency, City Sales is expanding its’ market place and is seeking to reinforce its’ multi ambition from being a leading authority in Auckland apartments to being the number one choice in all property and business markets.

As part of this vision Susan has joined City Sales to play multi roles: Apartment Broker, Property Broker and Business Broker, which provides a great choice for investors, first home buyers and anyone interested in affordable real estate and the business market.

She is honest, faithful & trustworthy!

She can speak English & Chinese (native Mandarin speaker).


苏珊(Susan)从中国移民以来已经在奥克兰居住了12年以上。在加入City Sales之前,苏珊在新西兰担任商业买卖经纪人。她在职业生涯中表现出出色的人际交往,跨文化和客户服务技能以及专业知识和市场分析经验。她为自己所促成的交易质量以及作为商业买卖经纪人所取得的无数成功感到非常自豪。



  作为一家成功的房地产代理商,City Sales正在扩大其市场地位,有着进军不同领域的雄心,从奥克兰公寓的领导机构到成为所有房地产和商业买卖市场的第一选择。

  作为这一愿景的一部分,苏珊加入了City Sales,担任多个角色:公寓经纪人,房产经纪人和商业买卖经纪人,为投资者,首次购房者以及对可负担房地产和商业市场感兴趣的任何人提供绝佳的选择。