City Sales Investment Ltd

With over 30 years’ experience in Auckland Residential Real Estate, City Sales Investment Ltd works on behalf of clients who wish to invest in Auckland Housing.

Martin Dunn acts personally as Buyer’s Agent for CSI clients. From initial consultation through to management of the investment, Martin makes his expertise, contacts and skill available to all of his clients.

Investing in Auckland property takes a lot of knowledge and a lot of skill. Knowing what to buy, where to buy it and how much to pay for it comes with decades of experience.

When you engage City Sales Investment to act on your behalf, you’ll benefit from one of Auckland’s most knowledgeable and experienced property specialists acting for you throughout the entire process.

Clients begin with a consultation with Martin Dunn who outlines the investment process.

After agreeing on a plan, Martin sets out to make the purchase for his client. He inspects, purchases (by auction if necessary), settles and manages the investment. Clients are as closely involved as they wish to be. A modest agency fee is charged and payable on settlement. As a professional negotiator, Martin aims to minimise this fee when he negotiates the transaction in favour of the investor.

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City Sales Investment Target Purchase: Consolidated Sales

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