Bay Dreams *upcoming Maintenance*

14 Waterloo Quadrant

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ID #21218840

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You've heard of The Connaught and you know about the few apartments which have the gorgeous Bay Windows.

You've found one.

This corner unit features lovely sunset views, generous space and outdoor living. It is refurbished to a beautiful standard.

A beautiful thing is seldom perfect and now, with the odd wrinkle to smooth out and a vendor who must sell, there's an opportunity to purchase at an UNBELIEVABLE PRICE, far below CV. Once these issues have been resolved, this unit will once again be fetching some of the highest sale values in Auckland. Be smart and make your move now.

If you're buying to make gain, or to purchase as a lovely residence - don't miss the opportunity here. Request a copy of the upcoming works and make your offer.

The well-oiled Body Corp and live-in building manager are already on the job. ACT NOW - she will be restored to her former beauty and when she is .. let's just say - she'll be way out of your league.

Request an info pack today or call me to set up a private viewing

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