Cashflow Quadrant On Beach Road

133 Beach Road

Bedrooms 1
Bathrooms 1


ID #21636782

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The wise words behind Robert Kiyosaki - "Make money work for you, rather you working for money".

This one bedroom apartment on Beach Road will give you almost triple the returns that you'll get from having your money sitting in the bank. Potentially 10% NET.

This apartment is outside the hotel management meaning you can live in it OR rent it out yourself (this is 1 of only about four similar that are outside the hotel management).

Outside the hotel management also means you don't pay for the running expenses of the pool, passage way and the gym facilities which saves you more money for your investment!

This 1 bedroom apartment is also about double the size of most other smaller studios that are in the building so apples for apples it's a better apartment.

The apartments that are outside the hotel management in the Unilodge don't come on the market often so now is a good time to purchase this one and gain the benefits of high yields or lifestyle living on Beach Road for yourself.

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