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07 Nov 19

Ending A Tenancy

Tenancies can end at the hand of either Tenants or Owners. In either case there is work to be done and as the Landlord you want to take the helm and make sure things are done correctly. 

WHEN YOU GIVE NOTICE Fixed term tenancies can only end on the agreed end date(unless in breach), at this date the Tenancy will automatically roll into being a Periodic Tenancy agreement. To stop this either the owner or the tenant needs to give notice to the other party between 90 and 21 days of the end of the fixed term.

WHEN YOUR TENANT GIVES NOTICE Be proactive. Confirm your tenants notice to vacate. Prepare a rent owning statement right up to the final date and a cleaning schedule and other information on how to get their bond back. It is in your best interests that the tenant provide the property back to you in 'lettable' condition in order to save vacancy time.

Receive notification

Confirm notification

EMAIL TENANT – TEMPLATE confirmation of final date (date all their stuff is out and property clean), Balance of rent owing, Tenant Source Tenant Exit pack, copy of original ingoing condition report, best to also ask here about any repairs/maintenance required.

ADVERTISE anywhere around 3 weeks before the vacated is usually a good time to start showing the property. Remember the tenants only need to give reasonable access. Best to arrange a few set times per week that you will be showing people.

PREVACATE INSPECTION depending on when your last inspection was and what condition the property was in you might like to do a pre vacate inspection at which you would do a quick walk through with the tenants and point out anything obvious that needs to be cleaned or fixed.


OUTGOING INSPECTION REPORT You will need the original ingoing report to compare this to. Take photo evidence of any issues and make a list of to do’s for both yourself and tenants. Either give the tenants access again for 24-48 hours to repair these things or arrange the fixes yourself and claim the money back from the bond – you will need the tenant to agree to this.

BOND If holding back any money for repairs you will need proof of the issue, proof that it was this current tenants fault, quote from repair person. Fill out the bond, send to tenants and lodge for return.


City Sales Property Management
At City Sales we understand optimising your return and the care of your property is what’s most important to you. 
We handle the entire letting process, finding tenants, collecting rent, routine inspections, repairs and maintenance, bond lodgement and refund, exit inspections. As well as efficiently managing any issues that may arise with either the tenant or building. 
Improve your returns with 3 Months Free Management Fees. Conditions apply. Enquire today by calling 093030601 or emailing 

By City Sales

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