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15 Nov 19


Reason for inspections and how often.

Insurance requirements – many major suppliers of insurance now require inspections to stay covered. Check your policy today!

Other than that, this being likely your biggest investment it makes sense to take good care of it. Preventative measures will cost far less than damage repair.

NOTICE 48 hours as minimum notice must be given to the tenants in writing before an inspection can take place. The tenants may be present if they wish, if you have your own key make sure to knock before entering just in case someone is home anyway.

TENANTS Your tenants may be nervous about the inspection, a great way to set them at ease is point out what you will be looking for at the inspection and ask them β€˜is there anything you want to point out before I inspect?’ This can be a great opportunity for them to show you what needs fixing and for you to point out that you care about them and the property.

INSPECTION Your routine inspection is not the same as your condition report. This is a quick look around to make sure the property is being looked after, identify any damage or repairs required, let tenants know of any behaviours damaging the property which need to be addressed.

AFTER INSPECTION In most cases, things will be fine – your tenants will greatly appreciate a quick note/email from yourself thanking them for taking good care of the property. In cases where things have not gone so well you will need to follow some formal steps, possibly issue a breach notice and organise to re inspect. Make your expectations very clear as to what the tenants need to do. Bullet point format would be best.

FILE REPORT Many major insurance companies now require evidence of routine inspections. Check with your provider if they want their own copy of your inspection reports. Also frequency, some require as much as every 3 months while others every 6 months in addition to ingoing and outgoing condition reports.

By City Sales

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