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10 Oct 19

Repairs and Maintenance

It’s always a good idea to make sure your house is well maintained. Not only does on-going maintenance keep tenants on-side, it keeps big surprise costs at bay, makes it easier getting new tenants in and helps you, the landlord keep tabs on your investment and raise value.


ACT QUICKLY Keeping tenants longer rather than replacing tenants saves a lot of money and time. Acting quickly on repairs will keep your tenants happy and more likely to stay for a longer period.


RECORDS Always keep everything in writing. Repairs (or lack of) are usually when issues for tenants begin. You want to be able to prove action or reason for lack of action if ever bought up again.


FLEXIBILITY Consider a few extras. When tenants are moving into their new property they may want to add extra security, paint etc to the property. While you are not required by law to provide these things if it will help property value in the long run and you can share costs with the tenants do consider it. Making the place home should indicate a long stay.


URGENT REPAIRS/HOLIDAY When going away for less than 21 days, if you will be hard to reach it would be prudent to supply your tenant with contact details of tradespeople you prefer to be used in the case of an emergency. Couple this along with what would qualify as an emergency (power outage, leak etc) or they may see this as a free for all on upgrades.


City Sales Property Management
At City Sales we understand optimising your return and the care of your property is what’s most important to you. 
We handle the entire letting process, finding tenants, collecting rent, routine inspections, repairs and maintenance, bond lodgement and refund, exit inspections. As well as efficiently managing any issues that may arise with either the tenant or building. 
Improve your returns with 3 Months Free Management Fees. Conditions apply. Enquire today by calling 093030601 or emailing 

By City Sales

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