Tips and Advice for Tenants

Auckland is fast becoming the powerhouse of the South Pacific, seeing record immigration and a huge demand for inner city living. We’re becoming bigger, faster, glitzier and more exciting as more and more people choose to live in Auckland.

This sometimes means we receive several tenancy applications for the same property at the same time. Help your chances of being selected by reading through some of our tips below. Have a question? You can get it to us over the phone, via email or in a tweet.

  • When searching for your new apartment, check out our website listings but also check Twitter as we sometimes post apartments to rent here first
  • It’s safer for you, the tenant, to facilitate your tenancy through a property manager rather than with a landlord directly – a property manager knows the Residential Tenancies Act and your rights as a tenant and can inform and advise
  • If you’re looking to share accommodation, understand the difference between ‘tenants’ and ‘flatmates’ – anyone signing a tenancy agreement is a tenant, and legally responsible for the property. If you are a ‘flatmate’ you are not responsible for the property but you’re also not protected by the Residential Tenancies Act
  • Check out what’s included in your tenancy, apartments can come furnished, unfurnished, partly furnished or whiteware only
  • Work out what you can afford to pay before you commit, there are a few other things you need to consider over and above the advertised weekly rent including:
    • Bond (usually 3 or 4 x weeks rent)
    • Rent in advance (usually 2 x weeks rent)
    • Letting fee (usually 1 x week rent)
  • Make sure your application is filled out in full, it is likely to be considered alongside other applications which are completed correctly
  • Bring your passport and proof of address to viewings, just in case you like it so much you want to sign up then and there!
  • Gas, electricity and phone: these can take a little while to connect so best to start making arrangements before your move in date
  • Ensure you have correct insurance to cover any damage to the property which may occur while you’re living there

If you have any questions about renting or the Auckland apartment scene, get in touch by phone, email or Twitter – we’re always happy to help!