Selling At Auction

With hundreds of apartments on the market at any one time, how do you compete? What you need is a point of difference. City Sales has developed and fine-tuned a particular style of auction, uniquely adapted to support apartment sales. It has been dubbed by colleagues as ‘the best show in town’. City Sales’ auctions are held fortnightly and generate a great deal of interest from potential purchasers and media both in house and via the web or telephone. Our Auctions cater for off shore or absent bidders by broadcasting worldwide via webcast.

Why Auction?

In a market where buyers are spoilt for choice, decision making is often confused and delayed. The Auction process introduces an element of urgency and provides your property with a point of difference.

Additional benefits of the Auction process among others include:

  • Robust market exposure in print, multiple websites and through multi-media channels including our extensive investor database
  • A short, defined period for sale which has benefits not only for you but encourages tenants to agree to more generous access terms or if vacant, minimises the vacancy period
  • Competing properties for sale are often ‘frozen’ until after your Auction
  • Buyer interest is focused over the short marketing period
  • Competitive bidding results in confidence the best price is being achieved
  • The sale is unconditional – the property is sold

A monetary contribution is a requirement for conducting an Auction marketing program. It is likely however you will be more than compensated by the result achieved. Further promotional activities are included, many exclusive to auction properties. Your Broker will recommend the most suitable for your circumstances and property.

Further information on Auctions can be found on the Real Estate Agents Authority Website